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Winter Banquet 2021

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Scouts, Scouters, and Families,

This year Black Hawk Lodge would like to invite all Arrowmen, Scouts, Scouters, and Families to the 2021 Winter Banquet. The Banquet will take place on December 18 at Camp Eastman. Doors will open at 5:30 and supper will began to be served at 6:30.

Why bring the family? As a youth Scout whos family is not involved in scouting, their parents may not be to knowledgeable of what the Order of the Arrow is and what it offers. The LEC would like to take this opportunity to show what the Order of the Arrow has to offer and what some of the benefits of being active are.

Just as a reminder, the camp is open to any unit that would like to stay over night. Be sure to contact the Council if your unit would like to reserve camp site for that weekend. The Lodge will serve you breakfast free of cost as long as a notice is given. It is also important to note that all required to stay within the main parts of camp. It is hunting season, and would like to respect the hunters who give back to the council.

During Winter Banquet the Lodge will recognize the various achievements the Arrowmen and the Lodge have made in 2021. These will include new Ordeal members, Brotherhood members, Vigil Honor Members, service awards, and many more.

Something that the Lodge hold during each years Winter Banquet is a Silent Auction. All proceeds from the Silent Auction go to the Lodge and its program and service to camps. If you have something you would like to donate to enter into the silent auction, please contact

In order to register go to (or the council calendar) and if you have any questions feel free to contact the Lodge at Be sure to register before December 12 for the Early Bird fee of $23. December 12 and after it will cost $30. Registration will close after December 15, so be sure to get registered today!

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Will the banquet be in the mess hall? My troop is having a Turkey Feed same day at Camp Eastman and I think the troop is going to be in Eastman lodge.

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