Spring Conclave - DELAYED


I hope this reaches each and everyone of you in good health.  This is one of the more important messages I have written to our membership.  Our nation is in the grip of an emergency the likes we have not seen.  This is a time when many tough decisions need to be made.  We must remember that all the decisions being made that are reshaping your lives are being made in the best interest of all of us.  

The National Order of the Arrow has announced that they will be cancelling all face to face events at the National, Regional, and Section levels until May 2nd.  We at Black Hawk Lodge have decided to follow their example and postpone all of our face to face events until May 2nd.  At that time we will re-evaluate our situation.  This will mean that the Spring Conclave will need to be moved.  Any elections that have been scheduled in the month of April will also be rescheduled.  The LEC will be looking for future dates or alternative solutions to the problems. 

For those of you who have already registered and paid for the Spring Conclave we will just move your registration to the next event. In the event you are unable to make it to that event we will reimburse you. 

For those of you who were coming to the Spring Conclave because this was your last chance to go through the Ordeal, we will be extending your eligibility to the Fall Reunion.  We will not let this tragic event stand in the way of your opportunity to be part of the Order of the Arrow.  

We have been giving free 2020 membership patches to all those who have paid their dues before the Spring Conclave.  We will amend this policy and if you pay your dues you will get the free patch.  This will be limited to the first 200 members to pay.  

Some of our OA members may not get this email so please spread the word.  To be clear we are cancelling the Spring Conclave and any elections in the month of April you may have scheduled.  Please be patient and safe in the coming days.

Rick Atwood

Lodge Adviser





QUINCY, IL 62301